Nightlase, an effective and Painless treatment for snoring

Friday, Feb 26, 2021 - Starting 1:30 PM (EST - Toronto time)

Fotona’s Health Canada approved NightLase® therapy is a non-invasive, patient-friendly laser treatment for increasing the quality of a patient’s sleep. NightLase reduces the effects of sleep apnea and decreases the amplitude of snoring by means of a gentle, laser-induced tightening effect caused by the contraction of collagen in the oral mucosa tissue.

Friday, Feb 26, 2021 - Starting 1:30 PM (EST - Toronto time)


Feb 26 2021


13:30 - 14:10


  • Dr. Ashraf Badawi
    Dr. Ashraf Badawi
    MD, PhD, Dermatologist

    Dr. Ashraf Badawi is currently an Associate Professor of Dermatology at the National Institute of Laser Enhanced Sciences, Cairo University, Egypt and a visiting Professor of Dermatology at Szeged University, Hungary. Dr Badawi has graduated from the Faculty of Medicine Cairo University, Egypt in 1992. In 1997, he obtained the MSc degree in Dermatology and Venereology followed by a Diploma in the Laser Applications in Biology and Medicine in 1998 from Cairo University.